FINALLY! The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint is here and ready to get you LEAN in Just 4 Weeks!

Learn Exactly How YOU can Get Lean, Energised and Toned in Just 4 Weeks! I'll Tell You Exactly What to Do, and How to Do It, So You Can Get Results Fast!

The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint

4 Weeks with The Lean Chef to a New, Lean You!

Finally it's here! The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint will show you exactly how you can get lean, energised and mega-toned in just 4 weeks, using a simple strategy based on how I eat and how I get all my clients in great shape.

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Nearly daily I'm asked for my simplest and most effective tips on nutrition and portion size by people in my Lean Chef community. You might even be one of those who have asked me questions like these -

"What is the best breakfast to eat to maximise fat loss all day long?"

"How should I structure my meals when I'm so busy and hardly ever at home?"

"What's the proper macro breakdown for getting lean AND firming up fast?"

"Does fasting really work"

"What's the REAL truth about carbs - can I have them, how much, does the time of day matter?"

"What's the best food before and after training?"

And the most common of all -

"Can you write me a meal plan and nutrition guide to get me lean fast, without having to eat like a rabbit or spend hours preparing food?"

If I were to answer these questions individually or create a nutrition and meal plan guide for everyone who asked, it would cost you several hundred dollars of my time at least.

But in The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint I answer ALL these questions for you, in full but simple detail, at a fraction of what you'd normally pay for the results you'll get from it.

Take a look at what's included -

  • How to set goals that work: I tell you exactly how I set my own body goals and work with my private fat loss clients to set goals that are strategic, motivating and guaranteed to keep you on track until you smash through them.
  • How I created a Get Lean formula that works for everyone and what you need to know about making it work for YOU
  • Cheat/treat meal rules: what's enough, too much, not enough-  how to have exceptions to your clean eating diet and find the balance
  • 4-week periodised nutrition plan - includes step-by-step approach to your meals, covering meal plans, portion sizes, recipes, exceptions, and making it work in terms of your schedule and life
  • Each week builds on the previous and can expect to SEE results from the first week
  • Motivation & support - how to stay on track and keep with it when it feels tough but also where you can make it easier and more 'doable'
  • Email access included and your questions answered! Included in your purchase you get to email The Lean Chef twice for personal feedback and support - normally I reserve this for my private clients!
  • Pre and post workout nutrition - exactly what to eat around training to maximise results
  • Guilt-free treats: what you can have ON TOP OF your treat meals without breaking the plan
  • BONUS: Fast fat loss cheat sheet: my 1-page report showing you how to get 'emergency' fat loss results in less than 3 days when you have to pull out all the stops.
  • Fat Loss Blueprinters forum: hang out with other Fat Loss Blueprinters and get daily support and feedback as well as inspiration from The Lean Chef!

What my Clients have to say about my program!

"Boom! Second day in and feelin' great" - Dylan Richard Lupien


"Thank you so much Chef! Your stuff really works! I lost 8kg that I never thought I would and now I'm eating heallthier, training harder and I'm actually really enjoying it. I went from 94kg to 86kg. I recommend Enzo to anyone!" - Arnaud Nicolas Francois


"Enzo it's only been 3 weeks on your food plan - I walked in to my regular gym this morning and had one of the trainers tell me I'm looking really good & asked what I'm doing!" - Suzie Suz


"Thanks Enzo, best program ever! I've achieved my best results and am down to 5.5% body fat in time for my comp! Will send through comp photos soon x" - Natalie Johnson


"I have been an avid fitness freak for about 3 years now, and a "Clean Eater" for about 2 years, and as a result already had a thorough knowledge about nutrition, supplementation, and working with macronutrient timing, but yet I still was unable to really change my body type too drastically. I ate well (and I really did), exercised often and yet my body fat% hovered between 24% and 26.5% despite the work I did.

Working with Enzo was great! It meant I could hand the responsibility over to him - I could stop second guessing what I was doing, and this in itself was a huge relief and exactly the adjustment I needed. After 3-4 weeks my weight and measurements dropped dramatically and after 6 weeks the comments from friends was incredible.

My body shape absolutely changed. It wasn't just weight loss - it was as though I leaned out everywhere. At the end of the 8 weeks I'd lost 5.1kgs, 30cm from my measurements (a staggering 10cm off my waist and 9cms off my hips) and yesterday I measured in at 19.5% body fat.

I am so grateful to Enzo and my next goal is 15% which I know is achievable in time". - Yonika Mantel

If you want to get lean and super toned in just 4 weeks, or less ...

If you're sick of trying to make sense of all the advice and just want a strategic and step-by-step PROVEN plan to follow that gets FAST results ...

Then you need to say YES right now to The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint and get my full 4-week plan to have you in the best shape of your life STAT!

Get your copy of The Lean Chef Fat Loss Blueprint today!

Learn Exactly How YOU Can Get Lean, Energised and MEGA Toned, in just 4 weeks!