The Lean Chef Super Salads Cookbook!

22 Super Salads to Get You Lean and Loving Clean Eating!

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Are you SO sick and tired of trying to dream up healthy lunch ideas that don’t cost the earth, or take hours to make?

Would you love to have more variety in your diet so that it seems easier to eat healthy and meet your body goals?

Do you know you need to step away from the same-old same-old routine if you’re going to hit your nutritional goals but that you also need to avoid falling off your clean eating plan ’cause it’s just so damn boring?

If so, then you are going to LOVE this!

My next cookbook in The Lean Chef series has landed!!!

22 Super salads that are –




After creating such a hit with my protein treats cookbook I thought it was time to create a Super Salads Cookbook…something to satisfy those of you who love salads but want some more variety and taste to those same old boring salads you are used to. I am really pumped to be releasing this cookbook as a lot of these recipes are similar to the ones I used to serve back when I owned my own restaurants. I have adapted them to ensure they are clean, healthy, nutritious and delicious!”

Beetroot salad

– Enzo, “The Lean Chef”

In my Super Salads Cookbook you will:

  • Have 22 deliciously yummy salads at your disposal. You will no longer have to worry about counting calories in these salads, worry about the dressings and how fatty they are. Each of these recipes are designed to help you LOSE BODY FAT!
  • Be able to adapt these recipes to your tastes. The great thing about these recipes is that they are designed to be mixed up…don’t like oranges? That’s ok – replace it with another fruit. Want more protein to make it a complete meal? all good – throw in some grilled chicken! Mix and match your ingredients and go wild with flavour!
  • Learn about dressings and how to create and blend the best dressings for your salads.
  • Realise that salads are no longer the boring old lettuce, cucumber and tomato! You can add whatever you like to create a Super Salad. As long as it’s a whole food you can’t go wrong!

The Lean Chef Super Salads cookbook really has got it all covered! Think light summery salads, side salads, warm winter vegetable salads, protein packed salads and delicious fruity salads… They are all made with 100% natural ingredients – no processed croutons, sugary dressings, artificial flavours or preservatives. Nothing but 100% clean, wholesome eating!!!

Do you want variety in your daily meals? Do you feel that you need to eat the same chicken and broccoli meals in order to see results? 

Well I say a BIG YES to variety and a BIG FAT NO to chicken and broccoli!!!

Some of the amazing salads you’ll find to combat same the old boring salad include:

  • Grilled Kangaroo and Macadamia.
  • Roasted Vegetable and Haloumi.
  • Caprese.
  • Grilled Duck with Goats Cheese and Cranberries.
  • Kale, Walnut and Sweet Potato. 
  • Pomegranate, Mango and Avocado.
  • Vietnamese Style Calamari.


Inside Salads

Why you’ll love my Super Salads book!

  • You’ll no longer have to eat boring salads, trying to be “good” and worrying about putting on weight. These salads are super loaded with nutrients!
  • You can adapt these recipes to your tastes, add more or less of something and just be creative! (I had my beetroot and goats cheese salad as a side dish the other night, the leftovers then turned into a full meal the next day – I simple added some chickpeas and boiled eggs for added protein!
  • You can cook these salads in bulk and they will last a few days in the fridge.
  • They will satisfy everyone in the family as they taste simply incredible!
  • They are super fat burning salads that will see you start to shed the excess fat in no time! And as they are loaded with veggies too you’ll be getting all that extra fiber!

I love one dish meals and these salads are just that! Simply throw all the ingredients together and away you go. I love all these ingredients and never have to worry about a thing because I know I am getting a great balance and variety of different whole, and clean foods. Now it’s your turn to start creating some of my amazing salads and turning them into great meals that your whole family will love! I hope you enjoy this cookbook as much as I have enjoyed creating (and eating) these recipes!

– Enzo, “The Lean Chef”

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Happy eating!