Looking to get lean, fast? If so you’ve come to the right place.

I want to introduce you to my online rapid fat loss programs, one for Males – Rock Hard Results and one for Females – Fit Body Challenge. In just 8 weeks you will get the best results you’ve ever had when it comes to shaping up and knowing how to stay in shape.

This is THE program for you if know you want to be in the best of your life and you are ready and willing to do the work but yet for whatever reason it’s not yet happening. Before you read any further though, I have to warn you – when you work with me, things get brutal fast. I don’t mean it’s not going to be enjoyable! But it’s going to be hard work. My training and nutrition works crazy fast as you will see below, but obviously that depends on you being willing to do as I ask, no holds barred. This is about serious action. Serious determination. And (of course) serious results. My clients have been known to lose as much as 5% body fat in 5 weeks which is considered unheard of! Better still, they keep it off. Even better still, they lose it without cutting calories or spending hours and hours in the gym.

Check out these pictures of some of my recent clients Adam and Natalie below. I’ve also included an overview of what is covered in this all-online program.


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Natalie (on the left)

natalie and daughter“Thanks Enzo, best program ever!

I’ve achieved my best results with you and have loads of people asking for my help now! Don’t be surprised if you get bombarded with new ‘likers’ as I’m just referring them all to you. Just know I am extremely grateful for this plan and all your advice and help, it has made this comp prep the easiest thing to do.

Just had my skin folds done and 5.5% is where I’ve ended up!!! How f&$king amazing is that? Couldn’t be happier!

You may also like to know, I put my 18 year old daughter on the plan and she started at 59.6kg, 20.3% body fat with 47.5kg lean mass and is now 59kg, 16.9% body fat and 49kg lean mass! So also doing extremely well. Thanks for all your help and support!”

Natalie Johnson, Rock Hard Results Online Coaching Client




Rock Hard Results & Fit Body Challenge: The Lowdown

  • 8 weeks of week by week full meal plans: each week the focus changes for maximum metabolic adaptation: straight from my personal VIP client nutrition library. You’ll know exactly what to eat, when to eat it. And it will taste good. And it will have you getting lean fast!
  • 8 weeks of periodised training workouts designed to get you lean and toned: weekly comprehensive gym-based workout programs including exercise video overview. When purchasing, choose the beginner or advanced option.
  • Email access to Enzo, The Lean Chef (yep … me) and all your questions answered.
  • Personalised supplement advice
  • Motivation, accountability and support via video and email
  • Recipes that are simple and taste amazing
  • A ton of bonuses within the Rock Hard Results and Fit Body Challenge online programs, including worksheets with fat loss information, bonus recipes, play lists, videos and more
  • Lifetime access to all your content!

Basically I am giving you all the tools you need to guarantee you get into the best shape of your life in 8 weeks or less! All you need to do is show up and do the work, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. This is totally doable for you – if you are serious about changing your body, I can help and my ‘do anywhere’, all online program Rock Hard Results and the Fit Body Challenge will get you there!

Check out Yonika’s results from doing this exact program with me!

yonika“I’m not quite sure how I came to find Enzo online – I know it was through his Lean Chef website, but after following numerous FB pages online, something just made me click to his page one day.

My background, is that I have been an avid fitness freak for about 3 years now, focusing mainly on weight based training as I love the strength and muscle tone it brings, not to mention how it makes me feel.  This led to me studying and completing my Cert IV in Fitness as a Personal Trainer. I am also a Les Mills instructor and workout 6 days a week. I have been a “Clean Eater” for about 2 years, and as a result already had a thorough knowledge about nutrition, supplementation, and working with macronutrient timing.

I still was unable to really change my body type too drastically. I ate well (and I really did), exercised often and yet my body fat% hovered between 24% and 26.5% despite the work I did. Hormonally I have a lot of issues, ever since my teenage years. My Oestrogen levels are off the chart and this of course is the “fat” hormone, so makes it very hard to lose body fat.

Working with Enzo was great!

It meant I could hand the responsibility over to him – I could stop second guessing what I was doing, and this in itself was a huge relief. The first 4 weeks were the most challenging but not too hard, and overall it was an adjustment to what I’d done before but it was the adjustment I needed.

After 3-4 weeks my weight and measurements dropped dramatically and after 6 weeks the comments from friends was incredible.

My body shape absolutely changed. It wasn’t just weight loss – it was as though I leaned out everywhere. At the end of the 8 weeks I’d lost 5.1kgs, 30cm from my measurements (a staggering 10cm off my waist and 9cms off my hips) and yesterday I measured in at 19.5% body fat.

Having the ability to ask questions every week on the phone meant we could tailor my progress and adjust where needed. Enzo was fantastic with any question I had and was approachable at any time.

I am so grateful to Enzo and my next goal is 15% which I know is achievable in time.

The 2 left photos in the above collage are my before and the 2 right are obviously my afters. Overall I lost over 5kg including over 10cm off my waist, 9 off my hips and a ton off everywhere else as you can see!”

Yonika Mantel x

Pretty amazing, huh? If you want to talk about how I can help you achieve results like these, I’d love to help! Contact me now to discuss your goals!

What YOU can Expect From Rock Hard Results and the Fit Body Challenge: How About as much as 2% (4kg) Bodyfat Loss in a Week?!

You want to know what one of the TOP requests I get is as a trainer and nutrition/fat loss coach? I guess it’s not a huge shocker, but apart from gaining lean muscle and getting fitter and stronger, the #1 thing I am asked is this –

How do I get lean FAST!

There are a million different ways you can go about trying to drop body fat and a clothing size, but what it really comes down to is this.

Metabolic shock.

Metabolic shock is generally a combination of the right nutrition, training, lifestyle changes and even mindset stuff. I’ve found that the clients I work with who address all of these areas, and also make use of me as a source of support, motivation and accountability, get the best results.

In fact, using my up-until-now secret to the public nutrition systems I’ve had clients lose as much as 2% body fat (up to 5kg) in as little as a week! Even better, they’ve been shocked at how easy it is once you have a proven and step-by-step system to follow.

I don’t mean easy as in there’s no work, but easy as in ‘why the hell didn’t I know how to do this earlier?’ 

And if you show up and implement exactly what I ask you to do on nutrition, training and a few sneaky secret tricks that I won’t yet reveal, you stand to lose as much as 2% (up to 4kg) body fat in just a week.

Paulette and Sam

“Sam & I have been on Enzo’s diet for the past three weeks and we don’t regard it as a diet but a lifestyle change. We have lost weight (8 kilos) and loss of cm. I have lost more than 30 cm all over my body and Sam has definition in all his muscles and looks fantastic. We have found we have lots more energy and we are now training at the gym most days and feel awesome.

We both highly recommend this lifestyle change and appreciate Enzo’s expertise in this area. Enzo’s posts on Facebook help us with details that not only encourage you but aid you to maintain this new lifestyle.

Enzo, Sam & I both thank you for both for your amazing Lean Chef Rock Hard Results diet and can’t wait for the next step!”

Sam & Paulette Marchitto, Melbourne

Ellie Shedden

ellie biosignature“Enzo helped me achieve everything I hoped for and more in preparation for my wedding. His training was incredible and he was very supportive as well, never letting me forget my goals – maybe too much so!

Overall I’m stoked; I lost 8% body fat and 5 kilos! I couldn’t be happier – thanks Enzo!”

Ellie Shedden, VIP 1:1 client


suzie suz


Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 8.26.58 PM

Be honest –

How long have you been meaning to get your sh*t together and actually get some serious results that you can maintain for good?


The Rock Hard Results and Fit Body Challenge programs are truly an investment in your health – physically of course, but also mentally and emotionally.

Over the course of the 8 weeks you are going to learn absolutely everything you need in order to create your dream body! We are going to be smashing our results week on week with full meal plans laid out for you – every meal, every day, every week! We will also have an intense training program for you that you can alter to suit your needs. Alongside this there is also a training library containing videos of every single exercise in each of your workouts. So if you don’t know how to perform an exercise you can head over there. A database of clean eating recipes from your meal plan so you know exactly how to cook your meals and you will not need to worry about portions! Motivational videos and support from myself each week, along with unlimited lifetime access to the RHR Facebook forum. This is a great place to connect and learn from the others who are completing the program as well.

So I want you for a couple of minutes to look back on your life and think about how long you have been trying to achieve your body goals…

Have a think back over the past 5, 10, maybe even 20 years that you have been trying to get into shape. Think about how much money you have spent on diet books, shakes and pills, diet programs, ebooks, programs, PT sessions, at home fitness equipment…the list goes on!

Recognising your health as a long term investment will save you both time and money in the long run. I see this often with PT clients who want to train once a month or once a fortnight. Sure – it is costing them less in the short term but they end up spending more money and more time with me to get the body they want. Whereas if they did more frequent sessions (like a couple of times per week) with me upfront then they would have met their goals much quicker and spent far less money.  You need to be able to envision your long term goal and recognise that putting in the extra effort now will pay great dividends.

This is how the Rock Hard Results program will work for you and get you RESULTS. Recognise the effort you need to put in now and see the results come. 8 weeks, every single thing laid out for you, and all the support and motivation you need. Imagine that in 8 weeks time you had your dream body. No longer will you have to worry or hide your body. In 8 weeks time you will be living your ultimate happy, fit and healthy life – with a killer body to match!’


These programs truly cover EVERYTHING you need to know in order to achieve the body you want. If you were to break it down you will see the absolutely ridiculous value this program has at such an amazing price:

Training plans = ~$300 for a monthly plan. Multiply that by 2 for the 8 week program = $600

Meal plans = ~$300 for a monthly plan. Multiply that by 2 for the 8 week program = $600

Supplement advice consultation = ~$200

Unlimited email support = I would consider this priceless but experts charge ~$100 per week. Multiply that by 8 weeks = $800

Plus all the added bonuses and goodies, support from your fellow Rock Hard Resulters and Fit Body Challengers, motivational videos from me each week and a full video training library!

Total value = $3,200!!! However you will pay nothing close to this as my goal is to make this program doable for everybody who needs it.


How long have you been telling yourself that this is your year, your time etc…? How long have you been making up reasons as to why you can’t get in shape – you don’t have the time, the energy, the money, you genetically can’t lose weight and all that other crap which are really just excuses!

I know you are sick and tired of starting over, trying the latest fad, cutting out food groups, counting calories and just plain old stressing over your food.

I can free you from that stress! No longer will you have to think and worry about losing fat because on this program I will teach you how to eat right and train hard. You will enjoy it because you won’t be depriving yourself, it will be manageable and sustainable, and mostly importantly you will be loving how you are looking and feeling. This program seriously changes lives and can change yours too, if you are willing to take the first step?


Let’s talk RESULTS! Contact me now to discuss your goals!

And don’t forget –
Eat Right. Train Smart. Get Lean.


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The Lean Chef and founder/director of Rock Hard Results
PS Time to get real. You can spend the next week, month, year wondering ‘what if’. Or you can give this a shot and find out.

What if it works?

Contact me today and let’s get you on the road to your best body yet!

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