Are you in or around the South Melb area? I have just opened up a limited number of new places for personal training clients, and the best part? You get the first 10 days 100% free, including:

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  • Your sessions with me 
  • Lean Chef 10-Day Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
  • My top 10 Rapid Fat Loss Secrets
  • Email and phone access to me as your coach 
  • No membership fees 

AND (first 5 people only)

A FREE Biosignature Hormonal Profiling Consult when you choose to continue beyond your free trial.

This is a no strings offer and you get to keep everything from your free trial even if you choose not to continue.

Warning: I will you train you with my own Lean Chef brutal fat loss system. This is NOT for the faint-hearted. But it is for you if you want serious results you can see and feel in less than 10 days.

**Offer not valid to people already training with a Personal Trainer


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