“Thanks Enzo, best program ever! natalie and daughter

I’ve achieved my best results with you and have loads of people asking for my help now! Don’t be surprised if you get bombarded with new ‘likers’ as I’m just referring them all to you. Just know I am extremely grateful for this plan and all your advice and help, it has made this comp prep the easiest thing to do.

Just had my skin folds done and 5.5% is where I’ve ended up!!! How f&$king amazing is that? Couldn’t be happier! 

You may also like to know, I put my 18 year old daughter on the plan and she started at 59.6kg, 20.3% body fat with 47.5kg lean mass and is now 59kg, 16.9% body fat and 49kg lean mass! So also doing extremely well. Thanks for all your help and support!”

Natalie Johnson, Rock Hard Results client




yonika“I’m not quite sure how I came to find Enzo online – I know it was through his Lean Chef website, but after following numerous FB pages online, something just made me click to his page one day.

The timing was right for me, as I was at a cross roads with my goals and things fall into your lap when you need to hear what that person has to teach.

My background, is that I have been an avid fitness freak for about 3 years now, focusing mainly on weight based training as I love the strength and muscle tone it brings, not to mention how it makes me feel.  This led to me studying and completing my Cert IV in Fitness as a Personal Trainer. I am also a Les Mills instructor and workout 6 days a week. I have been a “Clean Eater” for about 2 years, and as a result already had a thorough knowledge about nutrition, supplementation, and working with macronutrient timing.

The reason I am telling you this is because even with that overall knowledge, I still was unable to really change my body type too drastically. I ate well (and I really did), exercised often and yet my body fat% hovered between 24% and 26.5% despite the work I did. Hormonally I have a lot of issues, ever since my teenage years. My Oestrogen levels are off the chart and this of course is the “fat” hormone, so makes it very hard to lose body fat.

Working with Enzo was great!

It meant I could hand the responsibility over to him – I could stop second guessing what I was doing, and this in itself was a huge relief. The first 4 weeks were the most challenging but not too hard, and overall it was an adjustment to what I’d done before but it was the adjustment I needed.

After 3-4 weeks my weight and measurements dropped dramatically and after 6 weeks the comments from friends was incredible.

My body shape absolutely changed. It wasn’t just weight loss – it was as though I leaned out everywhere. At the end of the 8 weeks I’d lost 5.1kgs, 30cm from my measurements (a staggering 10cm off my waist and 9cms off my hips) and yesterday I measured in at 19.5% body fat.

Having the ability to ask questions every week on the phone meant we could tailor my progress and adjust where needed. Enzo was fantastic with any question I had and was approachable at any time.

I am so grateful to Enzo and my next goal is 15% which I know is achievable in time.

The 2 left photos in the above collage are my before and the 2 right are obviously my afters. I’m sorry the photos are a little blurry, but they are the ones that are the most relevant, and I believe a picture tells the story. Overall I lost over 5kg including over 10cm off my waist, 9 off my hips and a ton off everywhere else as you can see!”

Yonika Mantel x


ellie biosignature“Enzo helped me achieve everything I hoped for and more in preparation for my wedding. His training was incredible and he was very supportive as well, never letting me forget my goals – maybe too much so!

Overall I’m stoked; I lost 8% body fat and 5 kilos! I couldn’t be happier – thanks Enzo!”

Ellie Shedden, VIP 1:1 client





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