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Video Blog: Calculating Your Carbs

March 4th, 2014


In my video blog last week I discussed the topic of “Carbs: Friend or Foe?” and we identified that carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient for your health and to help you achieve any body goal – bulking, fat loss, maintenance etc… I explained that carbohydrates should not be cut out of your diet as the long term affects are so dramatic and detrimental to your health.

This week I talk about to how determine how many carbs you should be eating per day based on your goals, as like with any other food – if you eating too much or not enough you won’t achieve your dream body.

In this video you will learn:

  • What the appropriate percentage of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates
  • How to covert this calorie amount in actual grams of carbohydrates
  • How to determine how many calories you need based on your goals

A number of treats in my Lean Chef Protein Treats Cookbook contain nutrient dense carbohydrates. This cookbook has a wonderful balance of protein, fats and YES carbs! Carbs can be your friend when you know which ones to pick and how to use them to achieve your goals!

berry pancakes

Head over here to purchase your copy and download it straight away for your guilt free carb indulgence!

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