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Video Blog: Do You Know What’s In Your Protein Powder?

March 24th, 2014

protein powder video blog

Do you ACTUALLY know what’s in your protein powder and why you choose to take one protein powder brand over another? These days there are so many brands on the market and distinguishing between them all and which one is the best one for you can be difficult.

In this video you will learn:

  • What the 3 different types of whey protein are and how the differ
  • Why you need to avoid commercial protein powders
  • The benefits of using whey protein – including FAT LOSS!!!
  • Other sources of whey protein found in foods

And of course, if you are unsure of which protein powder you should be using then I have the answer for you…The Lean Chef Protein Powder of course!

I’ve tried just about every protein on the market and this is far and away the best both in terms of taste (incredible) and of course quality. I didn’t want to create my own brand unless I knew it was the best you can get, and my protein definitely is. It’s all organic, from grass-fed cows (fed a natural diet), and has no artificial sweeteners, carbs, fats or anything. Nothing wrong with carbs and fats but not in my protein powder thanks!

The Lean Chef protein powder is the perfect addition to eating clean to get lean. I take it daily – often a couple times each day. I always take protein straight after training, and often use it as a late night snack rather than grazing on sweets or chips. One of the reasons I stay lean year round is I use protein as my back up food rather than just eating extra food I don’t need. Check it out here!

protein lc

PLUS – if you are unsure of which flavour you would like you can either order individual samples, or try my sampler pack which gives you a serving of each flavour!

Try my protein out today and notice the difference. Your body will thank you!!!

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